Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing:

Stone coated steel is a popular roofing product in the luxury home market.  It is a light weight product as compared to its competitor, heavy weight concrete tile.  Stone coated steel is a steel shingle that is coated with stone chips and an acrylic sealant.  The product comes in a few different looks, as it attempts to mimic wood shakes or Spanish tile.  This product is comparable in price to concrete tile and is usually a bit more expensive, depending on the roofer providing the bid.

It is important  when installing a new stone coated steel roof that all of the special product accessories be used rather than generic roofing accessories.  These may include step flashing and counter flashing for the walls and vents and pipe jacks.  Using the brand name products  makes for a far superior, though more expensive install.  Many roofers cut corners and undercut the bidding process by not installing the product accessories.  Stone coated steel roofs installed with generic roofing accessories may present with problems down the road.

Stone coated steel was once deemed a hail proof product, but this is not quite the case.  Although the steel itself does not lose its integrity during impacts by even large hail,  The stone coating can chip off in violent storms.  Insurance may or may not cover this damage as they can deem it cosmetic.  This has been an area of contention as of late between homeowners with stone coated steel roofs and their insurers.

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